About Us


Did you know that over 91 percent of employers agree that soft skills and 21st century skills are one of the most important things they look at? Expand Youth Society is a provincially registered Canadian non-profit organization. We currently organize online events and workshops to educate youth ages 12-17 about various 21st century skills to prepare for their future careers.


To ensure that youth are prepared for their future careers by developing transferable skills applicable to any field.



With a mixed model of online and in-person learning, youth are able to easily access our resources 24/7. We also have a constantly growing resources page filled with plenty of learning tools for youth to access outside of our events.


All our information comes from credible sources, and will be taught to other youth in an interactive manner. We are extremely passionate about providing youth with the highest quality of education.


We strive to expand growth and personal development in youth through interactive learning experiences. Our organization helps youth develop 21st century skills, which are crucial for career development and entrepreneurship in the future.


EXY Society uses a “For youth by youth” model. As youth ourselves, we are able to better understand the needs of current youth and address these needs. We will also be connecting youth to other organizations that will help them develop specific skill sets.