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Our events will help youth prepare for their future careers by developing 21st century skills, such as financial literacy, time management, and coding.

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Past Events

post-secondary bootcamp
innovation challenge
network your nonprofit
banking on your future
ace that interview
professional development 101
work with me wednesdays
a new approach to the new normal
launchpad camp
Beating Burnout
Navigating Your Network

Banking on Your Future

Jan 16, 2021

An online webinar that helped high school and post secondary students enhance their knowledge in financial literacy (stocks, credits, cryptocurrency, and more)!

Attendees took part in a case study, asked and received financial advice in real time, and learned from our guest speaker, Yigga Zhang, a university student studying Accounting and Financial Management at the University of Waterloo.

Professional Development 101

Nov 22, 2021

An online webinar consisting of fun and interactive activities to help high school students build a strong resume, improve their professionalism, and start networking in the digital age.

Students had the opportunity to get advice from professionals on how to establish their personal brand, as well as learned how to strengthen their virtual and in-person networking skills.

Work With Me Wednesdays

Oct 7 - 28, 2021

Every Wednesday throughout October, Expand Youth Society Instagram followers learned about the 21st century skills used by professionals in the arts, sciences, business, and law through interactive and accesible Instagram takeovers.

Our Instagram stories featured Q&As, photos, and videos which gave a behind-the-scenes look into these professionals’ day-to-day lives!

Beating Burnout

Feb 5, 2022

Since many students are almost or currently finished with their first semester of school, it is important to take time for mental health and prepare for the next semester by learning how to avoid burnout through stressful situations.

Attendees gained the opportunity to learn about the causes of burnout, strategies to cope with it, and interact with others in breakout rooms to discuss burnout.

Post-secondary Bootcamp

Jun 12, 2021

Participants has the opportunity to learn about skills necessary for post-secondary success and start their university or college careers off well in our Post-secondary Bootcamp.

Participants walked away from this event with new knowledge of how 21st century skills can help them achieve success in a post-secondary environment, and start how to develop these skills.

A New Approach to the New Normal

Sept 26 - 27, 2020

An online webinar assisting youth in grades 6-12 with maintaining their motivation through the upcoming school year, and adapting successfully to their new learning environments.

The event featured a workbook with detailed information on what motivation is and how to most effectively benefit from it, along with thought-invoking discussions and an informative panel of high school students speaking to their experiences and tips about how to make the most of new situations.

Navigating Your Network

Mar 20, 2022

One of the most helpful factors in furthering your education and developing 21st century skills is connections. But, in our generation, it is more essential than ever yet more difficult than ever to start networking.

This event aims to teach high school and university students on networking. Gain insights on building professional connections through a Q&A session with our special guest, Matt Parkin. We will present you with case studies on how to network to show you how to manage and handle different situations in networking.

Innovation Challenge 2021

Mar 27 - 28, 2021

Participants had the opportunity to gain experience in a variety of fields, including graphic design, web development, business, and marketing! In partnership with XYZ, Innovation Challenge 2021 enabled participants to solve a case study by working in teams. They built a website using different marketing strategies targeted to promote a small business during the pandemic. We held various workshops, such as a creativity and graphic design workshop hosted by Wilson Thai and a business and marketing workshop by Dwain Browne!

Network Your Nonprofit

Feb 13, 2021

Network Your Nonprofit is a webinar that provided a great opportunity for organizations of all sizes across Canada, the USA, and the UK to connect and learn from one other. Participants gained new insight from networking with a diverse group of students and learned from our guest speaker, Michael Pollack, the co-founder of SCA Charitable Foundation.

Ace That Interview

Dec 12, 2020

An online interview skills workshop filled with informative tips on how to prepare for an interview, how to reduce stress before an interview, what to keep in mind concerning differences between online and in-person interviews, how to tackle difficult interview questions, and how to avoid common interview mistakes. Attendees got the opportunity to learn all of this from a professional life coach and interview specialist, Elena Klitko!

Launchpad Camp

Aug 24 - 28, 2020

A week-long camp featuring a new event every day! Each event focused on enhancing a different 21st century skill, which is crucial for youth to develop especially in a time where they are lacking real-world experiences and face to face interactions. Attendees were able to engage in interactive workshops alongside like-minded peers as well as connect with other youth their age!