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Our Impact

Expand Youth Society prepares youth for their future by enhancing their professional and developmental experiences, as 21st century skills are now more important than ever.

They not only provide youth the ability to succeed in the classroom, but allow youth to thrive in a world where the necessary skillsets are constantly changing.


Get Involved

Through a series of interactive events and workshops, our members have been able to develop lifelong skills such as leadership, public speaking, financial literacy, stress management, coding, and time management!

Be on the lookout for future events for even more opportunities to learn about new skills and discover tips that will help you in your everyday life!

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Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, we love to hear from you!

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Molly Chen

Chief Executive Officer

21st century skills are becoming increasingly valuable in today’s society, whether it be on a professional or personal level. EXY Society represents a community of ambitious youth who are passionate about learning these skills, sharing resources, and educating others to make a greater impact in the world.

Isabelle Gan

Chief Communications Officer

Truth be told, EXY is a family — a fun-filled one with members around the world who come together to further our mission of educating youth about 21st century skills.

Edward Jiang

Chief Financial Officer

EXY Society has allowed me to improve my interpersonal relations skills while also making many friends in such a supportive and welcoming environment!

Ateeb Khan

Chief Technology Officer

EXY society is a group of passionate leaders who strive to unify society through education and offering youth with the opportunity to further develop 21st century skills.

Denise Liu

Chief Strategic Officer

To me, Expand Youth Society means an opportunity to grow and to continue to refine and expand our skill set of 21st century skills. Whether you’re applying to be on our team internally or attending our events or programming externally theres constantly opportunities for you to learn by the people around you and the resources we provide.

Mika’il Visanji

Chief Operating Officer

I have greatly enjoyed my time with EXY Society! It has given me the chance to make an impact on other youth through our events, and meet great people.